About the Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf




To propose a future conference contact Mark Hussey <mhussey@pace.edu>.
Hyperlinks indicate that the conference website
may be viewed online in a current or archival format.
Hyperlinks indicate that the conference website
may be viewed online in a current or archival format.
*An asterisk indicates that the host institution was a college, not a university, at the time of the event.

The History of the Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf

The Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf was launched by Mark Hussey,
who organized and hosted the first annual Woolf event at
Pace University in New York City in 1991.
The conference has been held at a different university or college every year since.

The initial event was a tremendous success and inspired other Woolfians to take on the task and keep passing the torch to the next conference organizers.

The conference is always hosted and funded by the organizer's institution, which makes the host institution the entity responsible for the conference costs as well as the recipient of any revenues from the conference. Annually, a small amount of "seed money" is tranferred to the subsequent conference.

The conference model combines keynotes, plenary sessions and concurrent panels with performances and art exhibits. The annual conference also always features a banquet and multiple opportunities for the conference attendees to meet and mingle.

The conference has no direct relationship to the International Virginia Woolf Society or to the Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain or any other organization aside from the host institution. However, in some instances, the various Woolf societies provide some modest funding for the event. Often the organizer is able to get grant funding from the institution or other entities.

About Hosting an Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf

The Conference Steering Commitee, which consists of all the prior conference organizers, is responsible for selecting the subseqent conference organizers. The Steering Committee consults with Mark Hussey
in regard to the selection of possible future conference sites.

Those interested in hosting the conference should contact Mark Hussey <mhussey@pace.edu>.

About the Selected Papers

Pace University Press
Mark Hussey also was responsible for initiating the publication of selected papers
from the annual conference. Pace University Press published the first ten volumes (1991-2000). Copies of the Pace University selected papers are in print format and are not available electronically. However, selected papers from the eighth, ninth and tenth conference are still in print and available from
Pace University Press
Volumes now out of print are often available from booksellers.

Clemson University Press
In 2001, Wayne Chapman at Clemson University Digital Press began to publish the selected papers. Thanks to Wayne Chapman, most of the Clemson University Digital Press volumes of the selected papers listed below are available electronically as well as in print-on-demand format. The selected papers published by Clemson University Digital Press can be read online in PDF format. Those seeking information about purchasing the individual volumes of the selected papers
of the Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, should go to
Clemson University Digital Press.
Other publications relating to Virginia Woolf and her milieu have also been published by Clemson University Digtal Press. To view these works, click here.

The Woolf Center at Southern Connecticut State University
The selected papers from two conferences (2002 and 2004) are now available online at Southern Connecticut State University

These two volumes are:
the selected papers from the 2002 conference
Across the Generations, edited by Merry Pawlowski and Eileen Barrett
the selected papers from the 2004 conference--Back to Bloomsbury,
edited by Gina Potts and Lisa Shahriari.

Other Useful Links
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Clemson University Digital Press

Three Guineas Reading Notebooks
(subscription required)
The Woolf Center Southern Connecticut State University

Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary Woolf
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
June 7-10
Organizer: Ann Martin
Contact Information:
Interdisciplinary / Multidisciplinary Woolf
Department of English
University of Saskatchewan
9 Campus Dr.
Saskatoon SK Canada S7N 5A5
1 (306) 966-5527

Woolf and the Common(wealth) Reader
Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
6-9 June 2013
Helen Wussow <hwussow@sfu.ca>
Virginia Woolf: Writing the World
Loyola University Chicago and
Northern Illinois University
Chicago, USA
5-8 June 2014
Pamela Caughie and Diana Swanson
Virginia Woolf and Her Female Contemporaries
Bloomsburg University
Bloomsburg, PA, USA
Organizer: JulieVandivere


Voyages Out, Voyages Home
University of Wales--Bangor
Bangor, Wales, UK
Organizer: Michael Whitworth

Across the Generations
Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, California, USA
Organizers: J. J. Wilson
and Eileen Barrett

Virginia Woolf and the Real World
Smith College
Northampton, Massachusetts, USA
Organizer: Karen V. Kukil

Back to Bloomsbury
University of London
London, England, UK
Gina Potts and Lisa Shahriari

Woolf and the Art of Exploration
Lewis and Clark College
Portland, Oregon, USA
Organizer: Rishona Zimring

Woolfian Boundaries
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, England, UK
Anna Burrells, Steve Ellis, Deborah Parsons and Kathryn Simpson

Virginia Woolf: Art, Education, and Internationalism
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio, USA
Madelyn Detloff and Diana Royer
Woolf Editing, Editing Woolf
University of Denver
Denver, Colorado, USA
Organizer: Eleanor McNees
Woolf and the City
Fordham University-Lincoln Center
New York City, NY, USA
Anne Fernald and Sarah Cornish

Woolf and the Natural World
Georgetown College
Georgetown, Kentucky, USA
Organizer: Kristin Czarnecki

Contradictory Woolf
University of Glasgow
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Jane Goldman,
Bryony Randall, Derek Ryan,
and Rhian Williams
Virginia Woolf Miscellanies
Pace University
New York City, USA
Organizer: Mark Hussey
Virginia Woolf: Themes and Variations
Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Organizer: Vara Neverow
Virginia Woolf: Emerging Perspectives
Lincoln University
Jefferson City, Missouri, USA
Organizer: Jane Lilienfeld
Re: Reading, Re: Writing,
Re: Teaching Virginia Woolf

Bard College
Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, USA
Organizer: Paul Connolly

Virginia Woolf: Texts and Contexts
Otterbein University*
Westerville, Ohio, USA
Organizer: Beth Rigel Daugherty

Virginia Woolf and the Arts
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina, USA
Wayne Chapman and Elisa Kay Sparks

Virginia Woolf and Her Influences
Plymouth University*
Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA
Organizer: Jeanne Dubino

Virginia Woolf and Community
St. Louis University
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Organizer: Georgia Johnston

Virginia Woolf: Turning the Centuries
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware, USA
Organizers: Bonnie Kime Scott
and Ann Ardis
Woolf Out of Bounds
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Organizer: Jessica Berman