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This capstone portfolio, as part of the Special Project Requirement for the Master of Library Science degree, serves to document my academic graduate work  in the MLS program at Southern Connecticut State University. This portfolio also presents my work in the context of professional core competencies as laid out by the American Library Association.

The links to the left are organized into four categories. The Competencies section of this portfolio highlights the knowledge and skills gained through the MLS program that correspond with the core competencies described by the American Library Association.

The Special Project section of this website  features the research project taken through the ILS 580 course, which demonstrates the knowledge and skills which are representative of my professional goals.

The Courses Taken section of this portfolio describes the different courses taken to fulfill the requirements for the MLS program. This portfolio features coursework completed in each course which demonstrates the knowledge and skills learned therein.

The Resume section of this portfolio contains my professional resume. It also contains a link to my online resume which was developed during the ILS 501 course.

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